Sliding Wardrobes in Dublin

Sliding wardrobes: large assortment of colours, finishes and styles

Fitted sliding wardrobes from InHouse Craft are custom made to fit your home in an immaculate manner. Available in a large assortment of colours, finishes, styles, and a medley of storage layouts, these wardrobes are made to suit your tastes to the sliding wardrobes convey an elegant and sleek persona to any bedroom and while at it, also make the most of every inch of space right from floor to ceiling.

We design and fit superbly engineered and beautiful space-saving fitted wardrobes to suit rooms of any size and shape.

InHouse Craft’s collection features fitted sliding doors design spanning a variety of dimensions. Moreover, the option of building one with custom measurements is always available courtesy our brilliant team of innovative designers, talented craftsmen, and skillful installers. You can either select one from our range of pre-designed storage layouts for the wardrobe’s interiors or instead design from scratch a layout that is better suited to your personal belongings.

They’re ideal for smaller areas and rooms as the sliding door design takes up minimal floor space. In fact, sliding door wardrobes can impart a large and airy ambiance to even a small room if customised appropriately like painting the doors in light and reflective colours or even better, having them mirrored.

Double your hanging space

We know that some customers love to hang everything – they don’t want it on shelves. So if you want to double your hanging space you can – or even go for a little bit of space for all your shoes, bedding and storage boxes.

Quality with the wow factor

It’s no surprise that to create something this stunning, you need quality materials. That’s why we insist on using the best 16mm laminated chipboard – so it strong on style.

Sliding Wardrobes in Dublin 2
Sliding Wardrobes in Dublin 2