How long does kitchen respray last?

Do you want to transform your kitchen but without having the inconvenience of building work disrupting your home life for weeks or months? Have you sought about kitchen respray but not sure about how long does it last?

How long does kitchen respray last
How long does kitchen respray last

Is it worth getting kitchen sprayed?

InHouse Craft can considerably alter your kitchen’s appearance in as little as one day. Larger or more intricate kitchens can take slightly longer to spray however in most instances, we will collect your kitchen’s removable drawers and cupboards, spray them at our Dublin location and then we’ll still only need to spend just one or two days in your home.

Many of our customers want to refresh kitchen without buying a new one, or they want a new look without having to replace the units.

Because the cost to spray paint kitchen cabinets is 50 to 70% cheaper than replacement, spraying is a good way to save money and create the kitchen you have in your head.

How long will my painted cabinets last?

When considering painting your cabinets versus replacing them, one major question you should ask is “How long will my painted cabinets last?”

The average life of the paint is around 10 years depending on up-keep.

How can we complete these makeovers so quickly you ask?

  • We only employ experienced, hardworking technicians who are able to spray swiftly and diligently without sacrificing on quality.
  • We invest in the best materials and equipment which allows our coating to set more rapidly, enabling our customers to enjoy their new kitchen promptly.
  • If you’d like your kitchen to be professionally sprayed, we’re able to match all colours whether it be from Farrow & Ball, Valspar, Dulux, a RAL colour or absolutely any other colour of your choosing.

Have more questions?

Why not visit our lovely kitchen showroom in South Dublin. Great location in Cherrywood near N11. We have convenient parking and a lot of options for different styles and colours of the kitchen. We will help you to come to the right solution and will help you to find answer to any questions you might have.

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